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Mechanical Home Security Devices

Mechanical home security devices come in a variety of forms, and can enhance a self installed home security system, or in some cases may even take the place of it. Every homeowner should consider mechanical home security, and tenants should look for it before signing a lease. At the very least, consider deadbolt locks, and, if you live in a high-crime area, home window security bars.

Deadbolt locks are among the most common of mechanical home security devices. And for relatively cheaply this simple mechanical home security device can and should be your first line of defense. For added peace of mind, we can also install a peephole in your door and/or a chain lock, so you can investigate anyone who comes to your door without giving them an easy way in.

Home window security bars (burglar bars) aren’t all that attractive, but can be a highly effective deterrent, especially in high crime areas. You can install them yourself, but for best results, you should probably consult a professional. Be sure that any burglar bar system that you have installed has an easy means of release from the inside, in case you need to evacuate your home in a fire or other natural disaster, or even escape from an intruder. Your home window security bars are meant to keep burglars out, not keep you in!

Security Laminate applied to windows and patio doors is a relatively new innovation that many people don’t know about. The laminate, which is a thin, clear plastic film, is applied much like the solar window films commonly used to darken windows on cars and some home windows. Once applied, the window security laminate prevents a window from shattering, even it it is broken with a baseball bat or similar burglary tool.

Outdoor Motion-Sensitive Lights are another great mechanical home security device that we can easily install for you. The idea is simple – unwanted approach to your property triggers the motion sensor, which in turn will light up the surrounding area, often scaring off an intruder. Burglars and home invaders thrive on darkness – bring them into the light!

Landscaping and Shrubbery are one of the simpler and often overlooked mechanical home security devices. Why? Well, the more open your landscaping, the less concealment it offers to a burglar, peeping tom, or someone casing your home. In addition, installing low, thorny bushes, or even cactus, below your windows will make it very unpleasant for any intruder attempting to gain entry. The less convenient your home is as a burglary target, the less likely it will be invaded.

Steel or solid core doors are another of the often overlooked mechanical home security devices that can easily be installed yourself at a cost of only a few hundred dollars. Hollow core doors are easy to break through, but a solid core or even metal door is all but impossible to easily break or kick down, especially if you combine it with a solid frame, reinforced strike plates, and deadbolt locks.

Fences and Security Gates are among the most common mechanical home security devices in use by owners of large properties, but can also be used even by the average homeowner. The fence itself makes entry and exit to your property inconvenient for an intruder, and a security gate allows you to screen anyone who wants to come into your yard or home openly.