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About Security Plus

Security Plus are an award winning Rotorua security firm.

We specialise in protecting your home, business or property with customised intruder Alarms and recorded Camera security systems;

Nine reasons you will sleep easier with Security Plus

1. Completely protected.
We only select tried and proven product to minimise false alarms. Your enquiries will be satisfied by friendly people, giving you customised advice and full training so you know how to minimise risks and get the best possible results with your security system.

2. 24 hour service
We offer a range of customised alarm maintenance and camera maintenance packages, and provide a rapid response 24-hour callout service, 365 days a year. Don’t let system breakdowns put your security at risk!

3. Product and Installation Warranty
With most of our products, we provide a one year warranty. We also provide a one year installation guarantee on our workmanship giving you further peace of mind.

4. Money Back Guarantee
If you are not fully satisfied with our installation or the performance of our product, we offer a 30 day money back guarantee.

5. Complete range and Free Consultancy
We offer a free security appraisal and consultation service on all your security requirements. A quote will usually be given on the visit. We can even provide finance  terms if required.

6. Monitoring
This is when your alarm or camera system is connected to Security Plus monitoring station. Your security system will be monitored by experienced operators with state-of-the-art technology.

7. Sirens Only
If you do not require monitoring, we can install your alarm where alarm systems trigger internal and exterior sirens only. This idea suits neighbourhoods with support groups in place.

8. Mobile or Landline Notification Only
If you require cell phone or other landline notification without monthly monitoring costs, we can accommodate you there as well.

9. We Install Non-Proprietary Systems
Some companies install alarm systems with proprietary technology, meaning you are locked in and only your installing company can service your system or provide monitoring. At Security Plus customers stay with us by choice.

we’re here to alarm you!
Affordable, world class security solutions for your home and business.
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