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Home Security Checklist

Protecting homes is a primary concern of many homeowners today. With rising crime rates and criminals becoming more clever by the day, you need to think ahead. However, you need not become a statistic. Having a home security checklist can help you have a safer, more secure home. Add your own ideas to our home security tips to come up with a complete home security checklist.

Think Like an Intruder

Burglars and potential intruders want three things. They want to get in and out fast, they don’t want to be observed, and they don’t want any trouble or interruptions. In short, they want an easy target, so your first line of defense is to not give it to them. If they see your home is not easy pickings, chances are they will go elsewhere.

First on your home security checklist to protect your home and family should be understanding how burglars and prowlers operate. Most home invasions for burglary happen during the day while residents are at work. Since many people are away from home for large blocks of time on weekdays, burglars see this as “prime time” to break in. Having an alarm system is probably the best defence against daytime burglary.

Since most of your neighbours will probably be at work or school as well, there’s a higher probability of burglars entering and escaping the home unseen during the day. Summer is naturally a more popular time for burglars to break in than is winter, since many families take extended holidays during the summer, leaving their homes vulnerable. When you go away, be sure to stop the newspaper and mail delivery and set up some interior lights to come on and off at random times. Leaving a radio or television set on is also a good deterrent, even if you’re just away for the day. Some people set them on timers so they will go on and off randomly in different rooms throughout the day and evening.

Look for Natural Hiding Places

Trees and shrubbery may accent your landscaping, but they can also make ideal hiding places for burglars and prowlers. If your home features lots of outdoor foliage, it’s wise to not only reduce the amount of cover, but also install motion-sensitive security lighting. Also consider trimming shrubbery beneath around windows, and/or plant some thorny bushes to make approaching a window difficult. A burglar does not want to be seen at work – don’t give him the opportunity to take advantage of darkness or natural camouflage.

Install Deadbolt Locks

One of the best deterrents against burglary is sturdy door and window locks, especially deadbolts. Consider securing doors with not only a high-quality deadbolt lock, but also a security chain latch that will allow you to open the door a crack without compromising your security. We can even install a peep hole for you. To prevent wooden doors , especially hollow core doors, from being broken or kicked in, install a heavy duty strike plate, and reinforce the frame. If your exterior doors have windows, or are near windows, use a keyed deadbolt for the interior lock, rather than a simple throw deadbolt on the inside. For windows, use high quality locks, and don’t forget secondary locks on patio doors.

Secure Windows and Patio Doors

Even if you don’t want to use exterior “burglar bars”, you can still protect your windows with the application of a security laminate, which is a thin plastic film that prevents windows from shattering, and is extremely difficult to penetrate. Once applied, the security laminate bonds to the glass, effectively preventing entry by simply breaking a window. You may also want to install “charlie bars” to brace sliding patio doors, and/or use simple “track locks” which are applied to the frame of a sliding window or door, preventing it being opened more than a small way.

Provide Deterrents

There’s nothing a burglar hates more than a noisy dog or screaming alarm system. They also hate motion-sensitive floodlights that come on and alert the world to his presence. If money is tight, we can quote you to install window stickers, maybe a fake external siren and a set of security lights. We even have “Beware of the dog” signs. Ring us now 07 3491080

Invest in a Home Security Alarm System

Home security systems are an effective means of preventing a burglary, or stopping one in progress. These systems are turned on and off with a numerical keypad or a key ring remote. If an intruder attempts to gain entry to your home, a piercing/shrill siren will sound inside and outside your home. Having an alarm helps your neighbours help you. We can also connect your alarm to our monitoring station. Our 24/7 operators will act on your instructions calling you and other contacts and we can even send a guard to check your home is OK.  For your free security appraisal, advise and customised quote for your home, ring 07 3491080 now.