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Driveway Alarm Systems

Driveway/perimeter security systems are an often overlooked home security feature that gets neglected even in the best of home security plans. Not only do you get the added security of knowing whenever someone approaches your home, an added side benefit of having a driveway/perimeter alarm system is reducing the chances you’ll ever miss another delivery man again!

In a nutshell, a driveway security system consists of a detection device, a transmitter, and a receiver. Most older detection devices are motion detectors, much like on motion-sensitive security lights, but many newer models now feature infrared detection. Many models now also feature two-way voice communication, so that you can query any unexpected visitors, and/or scare off unwanted intruders. (Intercoms)

The sensitivity and range of driveway alarm systems varies with price and sophistication. Less expensive models generally have a range of 150m to 300m, while deluxe driveway security systems may have a range of up to several miles. Notification may be via a chime on your in-house receiver,  a txt meassage or page to your cell phone. The most advanced models include an intercom system, by means of which you can communicate with whomever is trying to enter your property.

Outdoor security sytems are not just for use as driveway security systems. Even though they are commonly known as wireless driveway alarm systems, there are many other uses for this technology. They can be installed in your yard, on your roof, or nearly any strategic location around your property. Regardless of placement, the main purpose is to alert you when there is any type of movement on your property, suggesting someone is there.

Any time you install an outdoor security or alarm system, you need to conceal it a bit, so it is out of plain view. The element of surprise gives you an added measure of protection against intruders, and you may not want even your legitimate guests to know you are using any type of outdoor surveillance.

Wireless driveway alarm systems are a great additional security measure for any homeowner wanting protection or at least alerting to unexpected visitors. Most outdoor surveillance systems can be installed easily even in do it yourself tradition, although professional installation is also available. You may even want to add motion-sensitive lights and a wireless security camera to give yourself one of the most complete outdoor or driveway security systems available.