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Alarm Systems

A Basic Guide to Home Security Alarm Systems

Home security alarm systems are becoming more of a necessity and are ever more popular. Increasingly, homeowners and even tenants purchase home security alarm systems to provide maximum protection for their homes, property and loved ones. Once considered a luxury, home security alarm systems are now a common item found in all New Zealand neighbourhoods.

One reason for the increasing popularity of such systems is price. Home security and burglar alarm systems have become more affordable than ever, and can be supplied and installed for less than $1,000.  Yes that’s right!

A basic home security system consists of sensors, an alarm siren, and keypads. Upon leaving or entering your home, you will need to use a key ring remote  or the keypad to input a numeric code to arm or disarm the system.

Should an intruder attempt to enter your home while your home security alarm system is activated, a very loud alarm will sound. If your alarm system includes monitoring (most do) the local authorities will also be notified, and you can arrange for your cell phone or pager to be called either before or after the call is made to the authorities.

In addition to basic home security alarm systems, premium features are also available at a higher price. Some of the additional features available include wireless home security cameras systems, motion detectors, heat sensors, window protection systems sensitive to either vibration or the sound of breaking glass, motion-sensitive lighting, and intercom systems providing gated security for an entire property.

The first step in choosing the right home security alarm system for your needs is research. You need to decide how much security you want, and how much you are willing to pay for it. We at Security Plus can arrange for an expert representative to perform a Free Security Evaluation when you are considering a purchase.

Home security alarm systems offer protection of life, limb, and property, and peace of mind, at a reasonable price. A few hundred, or even a few thousand dollars spent will seem small compared to the loss of material belongings and peace of mind if you ever suffer an unprotected break-in of your home.